Proactive Controls OWASP Foundation

It does emphasize that red teaming alone isn’t a comprehensive solution or approach to securing generative AI and LLMs but should be part of a comprehensive approach to secure generative AI and LLM adoption. To ethically deploy LLMs, the checklist calls for the use of model and risk cards, which can be used to let […]

Hybrid Working: Definition, Benefits, and Best Practices

Meetings and email might work when you’re in person, but things get tricky when you need to coordinate projects at a distance. Luckily, work management software can help you collaborate across time zones, teams, and offices. The right tool can help you organize work in one central location and keep everyone on the same page […]

60 Fun And Exciting Virtual Icebreakers For Remote Work

Find a free website with the numbered die and category list. Everyone can record their answers through the site to play lightning rounds that get everyone talking. You can also help everyone get to know each other by using family-based icebreakers to start conversations with your remote team members. The depths of the internet is […]

Production DBA or Developer DBA: What’s the Difference?

Pursuing a career as a software developer can be challenging and time-intensive, so it’s good practice to plan out your career journey ahead of time. There’s no single path to becoming a software developer, but there are steps you can take to help you get started. how to become a sql dba developer Before you […]

Working Across Time Zones: Best Practices and Tools

These chat apps offer real-time messaging, file sharing, channel-based communication, and integrations with other productivity tools, allowing teams to collaborate, discuss projects, and share updates seamlessly. For teams struggling to make heads or tails of time zones, you can add working hours for each person so it’s clear what times overlap for meetings and phone […]