FunToken ex-Funfair Price Prediction 2022-2030 Should You Buy It Now?

However, know that you can generally use any appropriate software or hardware wallet, where the software ones are cheaper but also lack the safety that comes with hardware wallets. The exchange you used to buy FUN tokens is also a place where you can store them, but some tend to stay away from it because […]

Backtesting: Steps, Analysis, Trading Strategy, Python, and More

As discussed earlier, we will buy when the 50-day moving average is greater than the 200-day moving average and short when the 50-day moving average is below the 50-day average. It can eliminate emotional decisions from trading and provide a reasonable degree of assurance that a trading system is profitable. Now, back to the charts […]

Add Polygon network Polygon Knowledge Layer

On the Metamask app Settings page, select [Networks] to view all available networks on your wallet. Depending on the device and OS, you may be able to unlock your wallet using any of the available biometric methods including Face ID, Fingerprint, or Face Unlock if enabled on your Metamask account. The Polygon network (formerly known as the MATIC […]